Along with iPhone 14, Here’s everything else Apple announced at its “Far Out” event

iPhone 14

The day of the Apple event means tons of new hardware. updated iPhones! brand-new Apple Watches updated AirPods! Didn’t have the time to watch live? Don’t worry; we have summarised the key points for quick skimming.

The HERO of the Event: Apple iPhone 14 Series

Image: Apple

With the release of the iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone 14 Pro Max, Apple made a strong first impression.

The screen size of the iPhone 14 will be 6.1 inches, while that of the iPhone 14 Plus will be 6.7 inches. Both will use the A15 Bionic processor, which was originally seen in the iPhone 13 Pro a year ago. The 12MP front-facing camera is receiving a new fancy auto-focus mechanism for better/faster selfies, while the 12MP rear camera has a bigger sensor.

While the iPhone 14 starts at $799, the iPhone 14 Plus does so at $899. Pre-orders for the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus open on September 9; the former will begin shipping on September 16 and the latter on October 7.

The traditional SIM tray will be removed from both versions in the US; instead, they will only support eSIM, preventing your SIM card from being inserted into another phone in the event that your phone is stolen or lost.

The iPhone Pro and iPhone Pro Max will measure 6.1′′ and 6.7′′, respectively, much like those versions. So what has changed?

  1. The A16 Bionic, a brand-new chip, will power both Pro models.
  2. With a design it calls the “dynamic island,” Apple has moved the front-facing camera notch from the edge and into the display itself. This is done to allow the pill-shaped camera cutout to sort of blend into darker elements of the interface.
  3. The iPhone Pro models will feature always-on displays for the first time.
  4. Outdoor visibility is substantially enhanced because of the 2000 nit brightness.
  5. Three lenses are located on the phone’s back: a 12MP telephoto lens, a 12MP ultra-wide lens, and a 48 megapixel main camera that Apple claims is capable of taking images that are considerably sharper than previously.

With regard to the event’s “Far Out” or space theme, iPhones are receiving emergency satellite connectivity. These new iPhones will be able to connect to satellites in order to transmit compressed emergency messages and notifications in the event that you find yourself in trouble in a location without wifi or mobile service.

Apple has stated that the satellite service is free for the first two years but has not yet indicated how much it would cost after that.

The new Apple Watches

Image: Apple – Watch 8 Series

The Apple Watch Series 8 appears to be very similar to the Series 7 that came before it at first glance. However, it has some new features hidden inside the engine :

  1. Your body temperature fluctuations over time can be monitored using a pair of temperature sensors. Wearers may be able to track ovulation cycles more precisely as an example.
  2. The addition of a more competent sensor suite that can identify when you are involved in an automobile accident and start the process of calling for help.
  3. Starting prices for the Apple Watch Series 8 are $399 for the GPS variant and $499 for the GPS + Cellular option. On September 16th, it will begin shipping.
Image: Apple Watch Ultra

Rumors have been circulating for the past few weeks that Apple is developing a more durable Watch geared toward sports. Indeed, they launched the Apple Watch Ultra today. What’s new is as follows:

  1. a specific “action button” that enables you to perform actions such as immediately begin your training or mark the next race segment.
  2. a larger digital crown designed to be worn with gloves
  3. It has a built-in 86db siren mode for instances where you need someone to be able to find you quickly, and is louder thanks to a second speaker.
  4. Improved compass capability that allows you to track the distance and direction to custom-set waypoints will help you stay on course.
  5. A quick-toggle “night mode” that changes the colour of the screen to red will reduce how often your eyes must adjust in low light.
  6. 36 hours (or 60 hours with a “new battery optimization setting coming this fall”) of battery life
  7. Due to its “recreational scuba” certification, you can submerge it 130 feet deep.
  8. new athletic bands, such as a “Alpine” loop made of woven material for climbers and a “Ocean” loop designed to go over a wetsuit.
  9. Starting at $799, shipment for the Apple Watch Ultra will commence on September 23.

New Apple Airpods Pro Gen2

Image: Apple

Version two of the AirPods Pro arrived three years after their debut. What’s new, then?

  1. a new audio driver and amplifier with less distortion for better sound
  2. You can create a “personalised spatial audio profile” based on the shape of your ears if you have an iPhone with a true-depth camera.
  3. controls that operate via touch instead of the V1’s squeeze-based controls.
  4. Apple claims that noise cancelling is now twice as effective.
  5. Up to 30 additional charging hours are stored in the carrying case, giving you up to 6 hours of listening time per charge.
  6. When the case falls into your couch, a speaker integrated into the bottom of the case can be activated to assist you locate it.
  7. Now, in addition to a lightning wire, an Apple Watch charger can be used to charge the charging case.

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