Antler India announces Investment of $270K into Three of its Cohort Startups


The India arm of global venture capital firm Antler announces the first set of investments from the inaugural Antler India Residency, spanning Climate Tech, HealthTech, and SaaS. 

The firm invested $270K in each of the startups out of the Residency platform. Investments include Sangti, a carbon management platform; Guardians, a medical emergency response platform; and Motif.

Cohort-based platform: Antler India Residency is a platform designed to help aspiring entrepreneurs find co-founders, brainstorm ideas with them, and raise funding. More than 70 aspiring founders were handpicked for its first cohort. The VC firm intends to deploy over $100 million in Indian startups in the next three years.

Rajiv Srivatsa, Partner at Antler India, said, “At Antler India, we are building the critical infrastructure needed to help founders at the earliest stages of their entrepreneurial journey. The Residency is carefully designed to help aspiring entrepreneurs find a co-founder and go from idea to funding in as short a time as 3 months.”

He further said, “We are thrilled to back startups such as Sangti, Motif, and Guardians that are solving very important problems in their respective sectors. This platform also enables startups to go after hard problems in future-forward areas such as Climate, Health & Wellness, Web3 and the like. By helping the creation of founder teams that would not exist otherwise, we want to continue to be the earliest backers of high potential founders across the country.”

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