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BeatO, a Healthtech startup has acquired Pune-based Novique Health for an undisclosed amount. The platform, which offers a full-stack solution for diabetes management, is now focused on providing diabetes reversal programmes with Novique as a part of this deal.

With the latest acquisition, BeatO seeks to expand its diabetes services through proven clinical management, reduction, and reversal of diabetes by addressing the root cause of the condition. In the course of the agreement, the Novieque team will join BeatO and Founder Rahul Rosha, who has more than 20 years of experience in the healthcare industry, will join the BeatO leadership team.

Explaining about the company, Gautam Chopra, Co-Founder and CEO of BeatO, said, At BeatO, we have built a data-driven and clinically robust solution for the monitoring and control of diabetes, driving positive health outcomes for our members. With Novique’s acquisition, we will leverage their expertise and scientific approach in reversing Type 2 diabetes, further strengthening BeatO’s clinical program.

Launched in 2015 by Gautam Chopra and Yash Sehgal, BeatO offers a digital health system for the management of chronic conditions. It integrates IoT monitoring with the BeatO app ecosystem to ensure end-to-end management of its members. The Start-up recently named its Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Kunal Kinalekar, as Co-Founder and the company’s CTO.

BeatO’s powered-AI health management system provides real-time insights and interventions driven by real-time data and evidence-based care programs. It also offers solutions for all of a person’s daily needs, from medication delivery and laboratory testing to the purchase of affordable insurance and specially selected food and beverages.

Gautam Chopra, Founder and CEO of BeatO said, “It will basically become an important vertical within BeatO — while BeatO brings affordability, awareness, lifestyle products, Novique and the entire staff, the health coaches, behavioural scientists, doctors who will report to Rahul, will drive the diabetes reduction and reversal programmes,”.

“BeatO has evolved to now become a full-stack solution for everything that a person with diabetes might require in the life cycle — starting with monitoring, basic education and coaching for individuals to management and control and now medical reversal.”

Talking about the growth of the company, Mr Chopra added, “BeatO has a 600K+ registered user base where about 300K are paid. These are individuals who are monitoring as well as enrolled into some of the other management or control programmes that we provide. We are presently growing at about 15 to 20% m-on-m. In terms of ARR, we are over $10 Mn right now.”

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