BizGurukul, a Learn & Earn platform that fought the odds of the pandemic to rise high

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When the entire Indian Sub-Continent was put under lockdown, millions were pushed into a state of confusion & distress about their finances. It was sought after to be the worst time ever to kick start a business. But, that doesn’t stop Ritwiz Tiwari, Rohit Sharma & Keshave Lal to create an ed-tech platform of its kind, BizGurukul.

BizGurukul is an e-learning platform founded by Ritwiz Tiwari, Rohit Sharma & Keshave Lal in March 2020 to empower entrepreneurs through value-based digital skill development courses. BizGurukul offers a variety of skill-based course content to provide digital skills and training to help entrepreneur enthusiasts make the best use of the power of the internet and social media. To bring more youth into the global internet entrepreneurship ecosystem, the startup’s course content was aligned right to let people start their desired online businesses.

BizGurukul was founded on 24 March 2020, just when the lockdown was imposed in the country and the global economy was on a downward track. As a result, millions of people were left in a jiffy about their finances & careers. The founders have targeted this issue and launched a mission to help people utilise their time by learning 21st-century skills like Digital Marketing, Public Speaking, Content Creation, etc., Since the very beginning, BizGurukul concentrated on the quality aspects of content, knowledge provided and Easy-to-Understand formats which served as their Unique Selling Points and continue to.

The startup has also offered a personal mentorship programme which helped them stand out among other players. The programme has helped thousands of students & youth in achieving financial independence and additional income sources which pioneered the growth factor for the business. It has multiplied the enrolled users on the platform, thanks to the value installed in the lives of many youths.

Despite the dislikes of the pandemic, falling economy and a crowded sector, BizGurukul achieved a decent user base of 25000 within a year. On 24 March 2021, the startup celebrated the first year of its journey.

For every business, timing matters a lot. For us, it was the timing of the launch of our business that helped us create a massive impact at a national level

Rohit Sharma, Co-founder, BizGurukul.

“We feel so happy, proud and grateful for successfully completing one year of transforming the lives of people of our Nation digitally. This has been a long journey where we worked really hard on making this mission successful. Each and every person in our team worked tirelessly day and night facing many challenges and overcoming each of them with sheer determination and a will to serve our users. Every challenge gave us a new lesson and our zeal to provide a new ray of hope to the youth of our country kept us marching forward” Rohit further said expressing the joy of their success.

Digital marketing, Video Creation, Public Speaking, Personality
Development, Spoken English, etc. are few skills-based courses offered by BizGurukul currently. The startup is willing to achieve a user base of 1 lac users by the end of 2021 and aims to add 1 million Indian Digital Entrepreneurs to the Global Entrepreneurship Ecosystem.


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