BUDGET-2023: Pre-Budget Views by Anirudh A Damani, Founder, Artha Group

Anirudh Damani

Quote on the technology sector

  • The Indian startup ecosystem attracted over $100 billion in investments over the last 7 years, putting India on the global VC map and generating millions of jobs concurrently. It was a crucial player in improving the quality of life during the COVID lockdowns.

The budget should honor the efforts of the startup community by reducing the tax complications for investors, providing more explicit debt support for startups, and doubling the ₹10,000-crore fund of fund commitment.

Quote on the food sector

  • The food sector needs structural reforms starting with rationalizing GST rates into a unified rate. The multiple GST rates create unnecessary complications for taxpayers, and a single tax rate would ease the compliance burden.

Additionally, I’d love to see support for cold-chain logistics players. In a country that wastes more than 16% of vegetable & fruit produce, the cold-chain logistics players will be critical in improving farmer incomes while improving the quality (and quantity) of food consumed by Indians.

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