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Anar, a business community platform has raised an unrevealed sum of funding led by Titan Capital. The funds are going to be used to strengthen the core product offerings & create a user-friendly platform for customers. A huge part of the funds will be utilized in building a technology stack that will permit the platform to deliver a much better experience for its users.

Anar was founded in February 2020 by IIM Lucknow alumni Nishank Jain and Sanjay Bhat. Anar has one lakh+ business registered on the platform. Businesses are using the app to connect across Asia and are sharing information in a way never experienced before. Anar is enhancing small & medium business communities by serving them to create their network online and offline providing access to new products, current market trends and information to introduce their venture into the broader market.

Nishank Jain, Co-Founder and corporate executive, Anar, said, “Before Anar, networks of all minor businesses used to be limited to native businesses in their area/town and their current buyers/suppliers. Most of them realised it’s tough to create a vast network offline as there are less opportunities to do so. This restricted their access to new merchandise, markets and most importantly, information and hence reduced their ability of creation.”

“Because of Anar these entrepreneurs are networking all across the Asia. This new-found discovery and information will help them innovate in ways never imagined before. We have been lucky to have incredible trust and support from the SMB community. We are also immensely grateful to the industry leaders for trusting us and for investing in our project. The support and guidance from these important people will definitely allow us to strengthen our core business in India,” Nishank said.

Earlier, networks of all small businesses were restricted to the native businesses in their area/town and their current buyers/suppliers, and Anar is bridging this gap. The community entrepreneurship platform helps small and medium businesses to make their free of cost profile and grow the business network everywhere in Asia.

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