D2C Tech Fulfilment Startup QuickShift secures $770K from Anicut Angel Fund and Axilor Ventures

D2C Fulfilment

QuickShift, a Pune-based plug-and-play tech fulfilment startup that empowers D2C and omnichannel brands, has secured $770k in seed funding from Anicut Angel Fund and Axilor Ventures.

With the additional cash, the firm will improve its unique technology and expand its network of fulfilment centres across the country.

Quickshift founded in 2014 is an expertise fulfilment platform that operates solutions with a fast response time. QuickShift further operates as an accelerator for manufacturers in the D2C, e-commerce, B2B, and retail sectors, increasing their size and penetration over 26,000 pin codes in India.

With a network of decentralized warehouses distributed around India, its end-to-end supply chain services are offered on data-driven knowledge and effortless plug-and-play integration. The knowledge leads to cost savings, industry-leading processing times, and easy operation.

The company uses its pan-India network to place its stock, manage it across all of its sales channels, monitoring real-time stock changes, using the data analytics needed to minimize stock ageing and efficiently manage its advertising and marketing costs. The overall knowledge results in cost-effectiveness and industry-leading response time.

Anshul Goenka, QuickShift’s Founding Father, stated “It has been our mission to streamline the huge scale of day-to-day operational actions for manufacturers to make a product attain the shopper on a real-time foundation, holding this imaginative and prescient in line, we constructed QuickShift for pace. Now we have endeavored to vary the way in which manufacturers take a look at this, by giving them the consolation of focusing completely on their core product whereas we be sure that it reaches their buyer very quickly. With the brand-new funding coming in we’ll set-up modernized fulfilment centers and turn into a one-stop answer for SMBs.”

He added, “Today, the entire customer journey is undergoing massive disruption with the uptick of digitized channels. Quick and hassle-free delivery has become an essential point for ensuring customer delight and loyalty. We are currently offering next-day and two-day delivery models to brands and would soon be opening up 2-hour delivery options for mission-critical deliveries.”

Ashvin Chadha, Co-founder, Anicut Angel Fund, said, “Today, India houses over 800 D2C brands which have garnered immense interest from the VC community. While the pandemic brought unprecedented changes, these brands seized the day to grow multi-fold, and with that came the need for enablers in the ecosystem. We believe that the idea that has been put into motion at QuickShift, is perfectly poised to capitalize on this opportunity that is expected to be worth over $100 bn in the next 3-4 years.”

Nandan Venkatachalam, Principal at Axilor Ventures, said, “The new wave of D2C brands has increased consumer choices, with rising demand from all corners of the country. While existing marketplaces have allowed brands to build toplines, they have often struggled with demand fulfilment. They fall short on consistent consumer experience, managing inventory, and scaling geographical distribution. Quickshift’s vision is to solve this.

Their fulfilment platform enables brands to build distribution, own consumer experience, outsource fulfilment and focus on growth. At Axilor, we continue to back disruptors and are delighted to partner with Quickshift, which is well on its way to market leadership.”

The age of e-commerce will see a growth in perishable online purchases, a need for speedy service, more warehouse capacity, and more direct-to-consumer brands providing a memorable unboxing experience. As a result, distribution centres will need to figure out how to package more items and get them out more quickly.

It will be necessary for e-commerce fulfilment centres to respond to the increasing demand by providing suitable packaging for the items they are delivering, revamping logistics, minimizing current warehouse space, and trying to improve the unboxing experience. Consumers have expectations, if those expectations are not fulfilled, a new e-commerce business can be found a few clicks away.

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