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Bengaluru based, a deep tech startup & Gamut Analytics,, focusing on conversational AI, has recently raised an undisclosed amount of seed funding from the Lead Angels Network, an early-stage investment angel network. Startup in of the statement said that they plan to use the fund to scale up the sales operation, refine the product, strengthen its voice-first conversational AI technology and expand its team.

Founded in 2017 by Sameer Sinhaa, Vishwanath Jha, and Sangram Sabat, Saarthi specializes in conversational AI for low resource and global languages for Indic, Arabic, South Asian and European users. provides a platform for enterprises to automate the inbound and outbound calls, chats and improve Customer Satisfaction (CSAT), with conversational voice-first AI assistants in 30 different languages. It claims to have built a platform to develop Omni-channel goal-oriented dialogue systems that are the next generation of AI Assistants for revolutionizing the contact centres and increasing customer satisfaction in the platform.

Vishwanath Jha, CEO of said “We are delighted to have Lead Angels Network as our investors in our vision and we are excited to have the support of globally connected investors helping us grow our operations. This investment round will further help us to scale our engineering, product support and sales team, and make our product seamless for our customers.”

Sushanto Mitra, Founder and CEO of Lead Angels, said, “The current level of chatbots leave a lot to be desired for the fulfillment and give low CSATs for most of the organizations, especially for multilingual customers. Adoption of automation is an imperative for all customers; it is a touchpoints and has been further accelerated by the pandemic onslaught.”

He further added in his statement that, “ is helping industry with superior conversational automation and cutting-edge AI features. As investors, we see a lot of value in the technology created at Saarthi, which in turn will help organizations to adopt multilingual customer support for the masses.”

As per the statement enterprises use’s platform to automate communication across apps, web, and telephony via voice and chat in the user’s language. It claimed that the startup’s solutions enhance customer engagement, streamline processes, decrease costs, reduce Turn Around Time (TAT), provide better First Contact Resolutions (FCRs), and enable a better work-life balance for Contact Centre Staff.

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