DigiLocker is now Available on WhatsApp via MyGov Helpdesk


The DigiLocker will now be available on WhatsApp via MyGov Helpdesk, a citizen engagement platform run by the Indian government.

By introducing DigiLocker services on WhatsApp, MyGov intends to provide a comprehensive administrative support system for citizens who can digitally access resources and important services.

MyGov Helpdesk will also provide various services for effective governance and citizen support through DigiLocker.

People can now create and validate their DigiLocker accounts thanks to DigiLocker’s presence on WhatsApp. They can also use WhatsApp to download PAN cards, driver’s licenses, CBSE Class X passing certificates, Class X mark sheets, Class XII mark sheets, insurance policy documents, and vehicle registration certificates.

People can message the MyGov Helpdesk number on WhatsApp to get access to the papers mentioned above.

In 2020, MyGov HelpDesk, formerly known as MyGov Corona Helpdesk, was introduced. Initially, it was meant to provide users with accurate information about COVID-19. It also facilitates the scheduling of vaccine appointments and the downloading of vaccine certificates. Since then, it has been utilized by over 80 million people.

The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeiTY) established DigiLocker in 2015 to promote paperless government. The app allows users to digitize and store digital copies of 560 documents.

At present, DigiLocker has over 100 million users and has issued over 5 billion documents. The app is supporting the government’s objective of streamlining and boosting public service delivery by delivering its services on WhatsApp.

DigiLocker’s main goal is to digitally empower Indian residents by providing them with authentic digital documents.

DigiLocker uses APIs to retrieve, digitize, and store documents. Various government agencies, fintech firms, and insurance firms have utilized it. Furthermore, it has been employed by startups.

Startups must first integrate their software with DigiLocker before using it. Startups can then access government records for a variety of purposes, including KYC and monetary transactions.

Paytm partnered with DigiLocker last year through Paytm’s mini-app shop. Paytm users would benefit from the relocation because they would be able to access all papers in one spot. SEBI had previously allowed online wealth management businesses to use DigiLocker for KYC.

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