EdTech Startup Teachmint acquires Course-Selling platform Teachmore


Teachmint, an education infrastructure startup and the creator of India’s largest teaching platform, today announced the acquisition of Teachmore, a course-selling platform that enables teachers to sell educational products like online courses, live classes, quizzes and more through their apps and websites.

This cash + stock deal marks Teachmint’s first acquisition, coming at the heels of its latest series B fundraise of $78 million, in 18 months since inception. Post the acquisition, Teachmore product will continue to operate independently while also integrating on the Teachmint platform to deepen the company’s business support layer for their teachers.

The acquisition is in line with Teachmint’s goal of empowering educators across the globe with world-class infrastructure which helps them digitize their classrooms and become future-ready. With Teachmore onboard, Teachmint will further expand its ed-infra offerings to enable teachers, freelancers and creators to build a global teaching business by sharing their knowledge and passion with ease.

This integration will expand Teachmint’s ‘course-selling’ offering to help its community of millions of teachers grow their teaching business. This gets added to the suite of education-infra products that Teachmint has been offering including Teachmint’s mobile teaching app, Teachmint for Institute and Teachmint for developers.

With adoption from 10+ million users, 4,000+ educational institutes and multiple international edtech partnerships, Teachmint today is the only solution catering to end-to-end infrastructure needs of educators; from K-12 schools to after-school tutoring to universities and even edtechs.

Founded in 2017 by Harshal Bhakta and Deep Shah, Teachmore is an all-in-one platform for teachers and creators to launch and sell courses in various formats through their apps and websites. The platform enables teachers and creators to capture their knowledge and productise it effectively with just a few clicks and no code.

From K-12 and competitive exams to music, trading, wellness and cooking academies, teachers pan India have leveraged the Teachmore platform to grow their education business exponentially by selling courses across the world.

Mihir Gupta, CEO & Co-Founder of Teachmint, said, “We are delighted to welcome the Teachmore team to the Teachmint family. We met Harshal Bhakta and Deep Shah just a few weeks back and instantly connected with their passion to help teachers. Since the beginning of our journey, we knew that enabling teachers to build their teaching brand and business was a natural extension of our product and with Teachmore we have found the perfect partner to integrate this at scale. With our platform reaching 1+ million educators across 25 countries, we are excited about the immense growth and monetization opportunities we can offer them. Teachers are at the centre of everything we do and we are looking forward to delivering even more value and innovation to them with Harshal, Deep Shah and the Teachmore team.”

Deep Shah, Founder at Teachmore, said, “We share a common set of values with Teachmint, especially towards empowering the teacher community, and we are thrilled to join hands with them. Harshal and I have been building educational products for the past 10 years with a focus on solving problems for teachers and coming together with Teachmint will help us serve this community even better. It’s been truly inspiring to see Teachmint’s journey and the impact they have created and we are very excited about the innovation and value we can bring in the education sector together.”


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