EVIFY: This Surat-based startup aims to build a Carbon-Neutral EV Fleet to facilitate last-mile deliveries


Surat-based EVIFY Logitech Pvt. Ltd., FOunded by Devrishi Arora and Pragya Mittal, aims to provide electric vehicle-based end-to-end delivery services to all the e-commerce giants present in the country and build a completely carbon-neutral fleet. As a pure green logistics-based company with a high-end tech platform, EVIFY offers first-mid-last mile delivery services through our EVs. 

The company also provide delivery personnel along with EVs, running on a per delivery or rental basis. Till 27th April 2022, EVIFY has triumphed 2,15,000+ green km and 42,000+ green deliveries. The present customers of our firm are Big Basket and Swiggy are notable customers of EVIFY.

As per the partnership with Swiggy and Big Basket, EVIFY is providing electric vehicles for last-mile delivery of food and grocery products in Surat, Gujarat. The company has also signed an MOU with Hero Electric to receive 1000 electric scooters in the coming two years.

EVIFY has always emphasized the latest technologies to develop its working processes and execution of various operations. To achieve this, EVIFY has launched the “Driver’s App” to track the riders’ current locations and make their attendance. The app comes with a unified dashboard for driver management, fleet management, credit risk analysis, loan management, BMS, and extracting telematics data. Recently, the startup has started trials of its Smart Batteries and planning to add geofencing technology to its services.

EVIFY plans to deploy at least 200 electric vehicles by Sept-22 and 500 EVs by the end of Mar-23. Alongside, it also aims to set up around 500 smart-charging points in Surat and onboard women riders for the execution of our delivery services. 

Devrisihi Arora, Co-founder of EVIFY, said, “At EVIFY, we constantly work towards improving and developing our operations and services to gain an edge over our competitors. We have recently started working towards the installation of smart charging points in Surat for our fleet of EVs to increase their up-time. It will further boost confidence in the general masses toward electric vehicles and help the EV ecosystem to grow. We have integrated a full-stack cloud platform for our last-mile deliveries. We have further added telematics devices and smart BMS to develop our platform more extensively. We are also in a strategic partnership with EV battery manufacturers. In the coming time, we are targeting to add more such brands to our company such as Ecom Express, Flipkart, BB NOW, Shadowfax, Uber, etc,.” 

Speaking about aspirations of being a Carbon-negative Company, He further said, “As a carbon conscious organisation, we have taken measures to limit carbon emissions as much as we can. However, even the electric vehicles are charged using the grid. Now to set off the carbon emissions done here, we will buy certificates equivalent to the emissions done for this purpose by an international body which gives the certificate for being a carbon-neutral company. We have already done the calculations and started the procedure for getting a carbon negative certificate.”

“Meanwhile, we are planning to capture the market in Surat, and also planning to expand our brand in other Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities in the country by next year.”