Financing Affordable Homes for Bharat | Fintech | Ashu Agrawal | Atul Monga | Basic Home Loan

Atul Monga
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An exciting session of Fintech Futures by Asia tech Journal as we host Atul Monga, Founder, Basic Home Loan in a candid conversation with Ashu Agrawal, India Lead, Asia Tech Journal, where they discuss structure, processes and behavior of Home Loan Market in India adhering to how Basic Home Loan clears the clutter for Home Loan Seekers As an experienced Fintech Entrepreneur, Atul shared his vision for Basic Home Loan, throwing some light on various challenges being faced by customers in India for Home Loans, how he convinced Investors about the opportunity and his customers to grow further into rural regions of ‘Bharat’.

FinTech Futures is a Video Series by Asia Tech Journal that brings spellbound conversations to put forth the trends in Fintech Industry. Here, you can find sessions on various nuances of Fintech Industry such as product to trends.


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