Foodtech Unicorn Swiggy launches ‘Swiggy Skills Academy’ to educate delivery partners and their Kids

Swiggy Food Delivery App

The multiskilling and multilingual Swiggy Skills Academy has been founded by the food tech business Swiggy for its delivery staff and their kids.

To assist Swiggy’s delivery staff, the Swiggy Skills Academy will provide free access to learning and development courses. More than 24,000 children of delivery employees have already registered for access to educational content, according to the firm, which claims that the scheme will assist its delivery workers in finishing their education.

To offer courses and certifications, Swiggy has teamed with Khan Academy, a nonprofit educational organization. Additionally, it has teamed up with Google to utilize Read Along, a speech-based reading program, to help delivery employees’ kids become better readers.

According to the latest report, gig workers in India tend to be young, under financial strain, and mainly uninsured. These “gigs” are also becoming compelled long-term commitments.

The courses may be accessed through the delivery partner app of Swiggy and cover topics including English, IT, personal finance, and computer skills. Even when the delivery partner leaves Swiggy, their children, nieces, and nephews will have access to the platform to receive professional counselling.

Additionally, the academy will provide courses for those who want to explore different Swiggy positions like the fleet manager or team lead. The many national institutes and governmental organizations that Swiggy will collaborate with will certify workers who choose to take these courses.

To assist employees in completing their high school diplomas, associate’s degrees, post-secondary education, or professional certifications, the SoftBank-backed company has also partnered with educational institutions and colleges.

Girish Menon, Head of HR at Swiggy, said, “With Swiggy Skills, we have taken a step in fulfilling our responsibility towards our executives with the focus to create an opportunity for their growth and progress. Providing our delivery executives with an avenue for well-rounded learning and development not only benefits them in their current role but also plays a key role in their long-term aspirations and success.”

The corporation has had delivery workers going on strike in several metro areas over the past several months in protest of their low pay and unfavourable working conditions, which coincides with the launch of the program.

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