[Funding Alert] Conversational Intelligence platform Zipteams raise $700K Seed fund led by IndiaQuotient


Zipteams, a conversational intelligence platform for inside sales and customer success teams has raised $700K seed funding led by IndiaQuotient and a group of angel investors. 

The funding will enable Zipteams to invest further in its unique concept of intelligent digital salesrooms that have the capability to harness data and bring real-time customer insights to inside sales and customer success teams in virtual meetings. The company will look to strengthen the engineering and machine learning teams to enhance product offerings and seeks to achieve significant user growth in India and the US markets within the next 12-15 months. 

Zipteams uses AI to make customer conversations more contextual, engaging, and fruitful by enabling sales teams to bring the right data points to their customers at the moment of need. Zipteams will make the $145 bn CRM investments more worthy by automatically capturing customer data right at the source where the conversations are happening. 

Zipteams has successfully completed a 6 months beta testing of the product and witnessed rampant growth in adoption across Edutech, IT, and SaaS industries. The team is now focused on expanding the use cases for sales and customer success teams across other sectors as well. 

Zipteams’ intelligent meeting rooms are powered with automatic identification of next steps for sales follow-up routines, self-guided nudges for sales teams to onboard and get trained faster on the job, and a complete repository of customer meetings to keep all their context in one place.  

Siddhartha Srivastava, Founder of Zipteams, said, “The proportion of inside vs outside sales teams is continuously growing over the past few years( 45.5% now). Infact, the inside sales teams are growing 15X faster than the outside sales team. However, in this virtual, hybrid setup, there is a considerable demand for advanced technologies to assist the teams to deliver high performance in virtual customer meetings, consistently.”

“IQ’s involvement will help us to fast-forward some of the most critical projects, which otherwise would’ve taken time to manifest. IndiaQuotient believes in the future potential of “Made in India” companies and our mission to build a global AI-first SaaS product from India resonates perfectly with that thought process,” Siddhartha further said.

Anand Lunia, Founding Partner at IndiaQuotient, said, “We have only seen the tip of the iceberg for ‘India to rest of the world’ SaaS opportunities and IndiaQuotient will continue to back exceptional founders building in this space. Inside sales is a growing market in itself and real-time contextual intelligence will be a significant enhancement in sales conversions and digitising the sales playbook.”

Zipteams’ next product upgrades will focus on advancing their NLP language models to capture nuanced customer intents. This will enhance the organization’s ability to provide real-time revenue intelligence nudges to sales teams while they are actively interacting with their customers on a call. 

Akash Chatterjee, Co-founder at Zipteams, added, “I’m particularly excited about our configurable NLP layer, which is designed to analyse intent and churn out real-time insights directly on customer calls. We’re making some great strides in designing our virtual calling experience to work seamlessly with our personalised recommendations engine.”

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