[Funding Alert] English learning platform OckyPocky raises funds from Goodwater Capital & Quant Fund

Startup Funding

OckyPocky, an English learning platform for children has raised funding from Silicon Valley-based Goodwater Capital and Naval Ravikant-backed Quant Fund.

This is an expansion of startup funding announced in September 2021 by Udaan co-founder Sujeet Kumar and the Hyderabad-based SucSEED Innovation Fund. Startups will use this money to expand the distribution of the platform and add their native language to the platform. 

Founded in 2017 by Amit Agrawal, former head of Youtube India, Okky Pocky uses natural language processing (NLP) to help children ages 2-8 learn and speak English. It is intended for parents of children in small towns who have difficulty speaking English.

OkkyPocky is currently helping students learn English through Hindi and Marathi. Tamil, Telugu, Punjabi, Malayalam and Kannada will be added to the platform. The platform also offers live classes for students, claiming that the platform has about 500,000 active users per month.

Ocky Pocky is expanding its language and NLP capabilities intending to reach 1 million monthly active users by FY2011. We are also testing a variety of revenue streams, including offering a premium version of the education app. OckyPocky is also in talks to raise additional funding by the end of this year, depending on its growth goals.

Amit Agrawal, Founder OckyPocky, said, “The present funding opens us up to the funds in Silicon Valley and gives us a newer perspective through a new channel of investors. English is the biggest gatekeeper for admissions and jobs for the middle class. Since its inception, OckyPocky has been on a mission to empower children and help them master English with the right learning tools.” 

Abraham Othman, Senior Researcher at AngelList Early-Stage Quant Fund, said, “We’re thrilled to be investors in Ocky Pocky. We know from our data that their vital mission is attracting one of the most talented technical teams among Indian startups.”

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