Global Delivery Startup Borzo acquires Indian last-mile delivery Startup NOW

Borzo Delivery

NOW, an Indian last-mile delivery service startup has been acquired by Borzo, A Global same-day intra-city delivery service Major. The acquisition enables Borzo to strengthen its position in the region and provide more tailored delivery options to its customers.

NOW is currently in much demand having over 1500 riders. It does around two million orders per annum for KFC, Pizza Hut, Apollo Pharmacies, Amazon, and others.

Founded by Vivek Pandey and Bharat Khandelwal having decades of relevant experience working at Flipkart, Times Internet, and Nelson, NOW aids restaurants, pharmacy chains, aggregators, e-commerce, and direct-to-consumer (D2C) brands to deliver orders to their customers quickly. It has a presence in eight cities and as per the statement, it provides transparent upfront pricing at the time of placing, real-time tracking of the delivery for clients and recipients.

Aleks Shamis, cofounder & deputy CEO at Borzo, said, “NOW has built an impressive product offering that resonates with corporate customers. They’ve created the process for engaging hyperlocal couriers enabling lightning-fast delivery with predictable ETA.”

“That falls into our current strategy of acquiring complementary and viable businesses throughout the world to expand our footprint and give our customers more options,” he further added.

Vivek Pandey, Co-founder and CEO of NOW, said, “Both NOW and Borzo share the same underlying principle, utilizing advanced algorithms and carefully managing operations to provide superb delivery services. Borzo has built a significant presence in the region and his team is excited to partner with them. Joining forces will allow us to rapidly scale up in a market where demand for hyperlocal deliveries is in millions per day.”

WeFast was Originated in Russia in 2012 and rebranded itself into Borzo in August 2021, to consolidate the startup’s global business to ensure operational synchronicity and integrity of the company’s brand perception.

In Q3 2021 Borzo performed 10 Mn deliveries worldwide. Besides this Borzo has been existing in India as WeFast,same-day intra-city delivery via any route and transport, any weight or size. Post the acquisition, Now will remain an independent entity and will efficiently be able to leverage the expertise of Borzo and its operations across 10 countries. 

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