Google starts the anticipated merger of Duo and Meet today

Google Meet

Google informed in June that it would begin combining its consumer-facing Duo video chat service with its business-focused Meet rival, Zoom. This merger has now entered its next stage. 

It was obvious that merging two apps would be difficult. What Google is essentially doing here is bringing all of Meet’s features to the Duo app and then turning that into the new and updated Google Meet app. If you add to that the general confusion surrounding Google’s messaging strategy, you can imagine what this looks like. 

In July, Google began expanding Meet’s features into Duo in anticipation of the switch, and Meet also received an update and a new green symbol.

“Google Meet (original)” is the new name for the Google Meet app. Users who don’t keep up with every development in this story will undoubtedly contemplate that for a brief moment before entering their next boring meeting and forgetting about it. 

Beginning today, Google will roll out an upgrade to the Duo app for Android and iOS that includes the new Meet logo as well as an informative new notification.

There aren’t any significant functional upgrades now because the Duo app already has Meet’s meeting features, but it’s important to note that you’ll need a Google account to access these meeting features (before, to use Duo, all you needed was a phone number). 

All users will start to see the new Google Meet app name and icon in September. At that moment, the redesigned Google Meet app (formerly known as Google Duo) with the merged video calling and meeting features will be available for download from Google’s Play Store or Apple’s App Store. 

You can keep using the Google Meet (original) app for the time being, but you won’t have access to the updated ad hoc calling features.

“We’ll inform you when you should migrate to the new app experience,” Google says.

Moreover, Today, if you use Duo on the web, you will see the new logo, but other than that, not much will change. The Duo website won’t redirect to Meet for a few months.

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