GreedyGame: The App-focused AdTech company revolutionizing the monetization for developers

Arpit Jain, CEO, GreedyGame

App monetization is all about personalized monetization strategies coming into play. Apps nowadays are more than just a product. They are a business model that will need to scale in order to succeed. This model needs to engage meaningfully with the audience to acquire consistently and repeat users.

The entire app space is cluttered with millions of apps and a small percentage of those apps have only implemented a monetization strategy that gives them ad revenue but also doesn’t disrupt the user experience.

Launching an app that users fall in love with is just one part of creating a successful app. The next critical step is making money with the right app monetization strategy. App monetization is how a user base can be leveraged into a way for publishers and developers to earn money from the app.

The strategies for accomplishing this are varied and can include paid apps, in-app purchases, advertising, and other options. With the introduction of app monetization, there has been a surge in the free apps which means the entry of a new set of publishers & developers.

In India, there is a large base of indie and small app publishing companies. There are more than 29,304 Indian publishers on Google Play out of all 871,027 app publishers. Among these publishers, there is a huge chunk of indie app publishers. In order to cater to their needs, GreedyGame is emerging as a go-to solution for all their user acquisition and monetization needs for them.

With GreedyGame, you can access:

Personalized Ad Strategies For Your Apps: Get tailor-made strategies that suit your ARPDAU and other App metrics. Find the highest-earning Ad for each Placement to achieve your target revenue. Find the right Ad density per user to ensure high user retention. Also, identify new Ad placement based on the success of similar top apps.

Growth Vu – ROI Based Mobile Marketing Campaigns: Optimized campaigns for each of your objectives – From scaling up your users with more installs to focusing on improving the ratio of In-App purchases on your app. Increase your sales and conversions with the help of our diversified inventory and optimization experts.

OptimiZE – One-Stop Solution For Your Ad Campaigns: Launch goal-based campaigns and get the best optimization techniques that lower your Cost per Install. Maximize your conversion campaigns while controlling your spending.

SDK X – Ad Revenue Optimization Platform: Generate more revenue from ads without hampering user experience while improving retention. SDK X lets you test different formats, placements, and demand partners to identify the best fit for your app.

With 8+ years of expertise in the mobile ecosystem, GreedyGame has data-backed techniques to help scale your apps & games. The company has curated products and services which let the app publishers focus on creating world-class content whilst we take care of the distribution and revenue maximization. Its products have been built from a publisher perspective to fully deliver solutions that add value and ensure easy-of-use.

With GreedyGame’s AdX Console, manage your entire Ads business from one place, from choosing demand partners to Ad formats. Analyze past performance data and make data-driven decisions to ensure maximum results.

In words of Arpit Jain, Founder & CEO of GreedyGame, Speaking about the product and the opportunity:

We at GreedyGame help publishers at every step of their app life cycle. Our products have been built from a publisher perspective to fully deliver solutions that add value and ensure easy-of-use.
To empower developers and accelerate the rapid yet sustainable growth of their apps. We curate products and services which let the developers focus on creating world-class content whilst we take care of the distribution and revenue maximization.

If I just talk about India, then I can say India’s app economy is maturing rapidly. While China remains the largest market in terms of usage and revenue, and American companies are perhaps the most innovative, India is now the top country in the world in terms of the number of apps installed and used per month.

With open bidding, an app publisher can invite trusted third-party exchanges to compete together in real-time. This process is seamless, server-to-server technology that helps publishers achieve a higher yield on ad inventory without sacrificing the user experience of the website or app.

Our close relationship with Google & Facebook gives us a deep understanding of their Ad products and allows us to run high-performing Ads.

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