Meddo Healthtech startup launches free COVID-19 care centre in Guru Gram to help sufferers with mild to moderate symptoms. The goal of the company is to provide care at the beginning of the disease to avoid the need for hospitalization, oxygen concentrators, and ICUs.

Gradually, the raging second wave of COVID-19 is placing massive strain on India’s overburdened healthcare phase. From the shortage of hospital beds, oxygen cylinders, and medical professionals, the grim situation has produced concern amongst everybody within the nation.

As relief from nations throughout the globe pours in to assist India to get through the crisis, Indian startups are doing their best to help control the mortal situation. 

Meddo Guru gram-based health tech started its COVID-19 care facilities, in partnership with Treebo Hotels, in the first week of May to help Sufferer get access to medical facilities in the early stage of the infection. The goal is to help patients in the early stage to avoid further worsening, which leads to the requirement of ICUs and hospital care.   

The associated government has categorized different well-being centres covering L1, L2 and L3, ranges, with L1 catering to non-critical sufferers, while L2 and L3 will cope with extra sophisticated and significant COVID-19 circumstances.

“We have set up L1 facilities equipped with doctors, nurses, and oxygen concentrators to make sure that the need for hospitalization comes down. We are providing care to patients with mild to moderate symptoms in the early phase, thereby reducing the chances of the infection worsening, “said Saurabh Kochhar, Co-founder and CEO of Meddo.

Saurabh imparts that the startup is currently going live with three care facilities in Guru Gram; two more are expected to be launched within the next week.

“The major challenge that we are facing right now is getting access to concentrators. While other medical needs for the patients are already available at care facilities, we are looking for leads to purchase or import concentrators,” he mentioned.

Meddo was inaugurated in 2018 by Saurabh and Dr Naveen Nishchal. Saurabh is the former CEO of Food panda and Dr Naveen Nishchal, was Co-founder of Cygnus Hospitals which has a goal to organize the ambulatory services sector in India.

The startup aims to remould the best way healthcare is given in our country, inception with out-patient care.  In January, the startup raised $3 million in an expanded pre-Series round led by Picus Capital and SRI Capital.

The CEO says the startup has obtained approval for arranging 100-150 beds throughout the three care centres from Guru Gram authorities. The primary centre, which has already been started, has 25 rooms and might deal with as many as 40-50 patients. Treebo resort rooms are being prepared with medical services to ensure the supply of covid care.

“Meddo’s currently related medical doctors will visit the services and handle the patients. Apart from this, we’ve already rolled out job offers to about 25 nurses. Amid them, eight of the nurses have been deployed on the first centre,” Saurabh says.

He describes that patients whose oxygen ranges have slipped beneath 88 may want heavy remedy, ICU care, or fixed monitoring. Those with ranges circling 90 can search for assistance from the L1 care services to prevent their situation from deteriorating.

Saurabh disclosed that the purpose of the initiative is to help hospital infrastructure “as a lot as potential”. To assure this, the care services shall be out there free to patients proper now; the operations shall be funded by Meddo Foundation.

Aside from this, the health tech startup has also declared its partnership with District Administration Guru gram for their official COVID-19 relief WhatsApp chatbot. Thus, Meddo will enable users to connect with over 200 doctors across Delhi-NCR for teleconsultations.

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