India & Social Media IT Rules 2021

Due to the new It rules which were implemented from the 26th of May, The Indian government has asked social media platforms to submit a compliance report concerning the controversial IT Rules, 2021. Till now the IT ministry has got details from Facebook, Twitter and Youtube on whether they comply with the new IT rules.

The companies have to submit the names of the apps or websites that have over 5 Mn users in India. Besides this, the companies are required to provide the name and number of the chief compliance officer, nodal contact person, grievance redressal officer and the physical contact address related to the intermediary.

They also have to share their compliance status, which informs whether they have implemented adequate measures for traceability of content and other aspects mentioned in the rules.

Companies not compiling with the new IT rules will lose their rights to use provision under Section 79 of the Indian IT Act, 2011. Under this act, the intermediary will be protected from prosecution for content posted by its users. It also opens to provide relief to the intermediary from monetary penalties and imprisonment.

Indian startup Koo said that it has completed compliance processes and has also appointed operations manager Rahul Satyakam as the resident grievance officer mandated under the new IT rules, and have also appointed a chief compliance officer and nodal contact officer.

Among the giants, Facebook says that it is working to become compliant with the rules, but is not confirming the date by which it will be completed. “We aim to comply with the IT rules and continue to discuss a few of the issues which we will sought with the government. We are working to implement operational processes and improve efficiencies. Facebook will remain committed to our users’ ability to express themselves freely on our platform,” a Facebook spokesperson said.

The new It rules were disclosed in February this year, and apart from the social media platform, it also covers the online streaming OTT platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Under these rules, the social media platforms will have to remove objectionable or inappropriate content from their platform within 36 hours after they revive a complaint. The OTT platforms will also be under a microscope under these new IT rules.

All social media and OTT platforms are required to appoint chief compliance officers, resident grievance officers and other employees specifically to deal with the requirements under the law.

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