Instagram fined $400 Mn by Ireland over handling of Childrens’ data


A large fine of €405 Mn($403 Mn)- is heading to Instagram after the European Union’s privacy regulators ruled on a longstanding complaint related to the way the social media platform governs children’s data management. The penalty corresponds to a violation of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Meta has been contacted for comment on the penalty.

The Instagram penalty is the largest GDPR penalty imposed on the social media giant to date (though not the largest GDPR penalty ever; the penalty has landed on Amazon) – following a $267 Mn fine against the Meta-owned messaging platform WhatsApp last September. for violating GDPR’s transparency principles.

Instagram’s complaint relates to a platform that handles children’s data for business accounts and a user registration system operated by DPC that DPC says could lead to children’s accounts being used children are set to “public” by default unless changed by the user in account settings to set it to “private”.

The GDPR includes strict privacy requirements by design and defaults in general – as well as provisions to strengthen the protection of children’s information in particular and to ensure that services that target children respect the principles of transparency and accountability. (For example, provide clear enough communication that children can understand).

The reasoning behind the fine for Instagram is expected to come out in the coming days when a final verdict is released next week (assuming it doesn’t leak soon).

While today’s headlines will give Meta a headache to read, TikTok is another social media company capable of keeping a close eye on developments since being investigated by the District People’s Committee over its data management. whether their own children. But that survey was only opened by the District People’s Committee a year ago, so it may take some time before a decision is made.

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