Meesho hits Social Media Influencers with Legal Notices for the ‘Smear Campaign’

Meesho India's social commerce Unicorn

Meesho, the ecommerce startup, has issued legal notices to several social media influencers for posting negative remarks about the company on social media.

According to sources, Social Grid Media CEO Jaymin Shah organized the reviews as part of a smear effort against the company.

The move comes after Meesho cofounder Vidi Aatrey turned to Twitter to express her displeasure with influencers who were criticizing the firm. He claimed that negative evaluations about the firm were “paid influencers spreading rumors for the past few months.”

The problem was brought to light when Testbook VP Ravisutanjani Kumar made a collage of screenshots of Twitter messages alleging that Meesho was the target of a campaign. He compiled tweets from many influencers who had tagged the company’s investors Sequoia and Elevation Capital in a series of tweets.

The campaign’s goal, according to Meesho, was to degrade the company’s reputation by spreading falsehoods and lies. Following the exposé, several influencers admitted that the tweets were paid advertisements, while others erased their postings, according to the e-commerce giant.

Udita Pal, the founder of Salt Pe, and Aashima Arora, a Polygon executive, had previously uploaded images of WhatsApp chats on Twitter, claiming that they had been paid to publish negative reviews about Meesho.

In March 2022, Arora said she was approached to create an Entrackr article with a nasty tweet to ruin Meesho’s reputation.

Meesho was able to trace the number back to Shah courtesy of a now-deleted tweet that included the campaigner’s mobile number. After scratching out the number, Arora uploaded the screenshot, confirming that it was Shah’s contact number.

Shah, a digital marketing expert and entrepreneur, is a well-known figure in the social media world. SkillShare, Airtel, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, LINE, TeraReach, and Automation Anywhere are the firms for whom the 22-year-old has designed
social media campaigns.

Moreover, Meesho refused to answer questions regarding who was behind the purported defamation campaign.

The company stated that it will continue to keep an eye on the situation and mentioned that It intends to “consider legal recourse against those spreading misinformation and lies about the company”.

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