Netflix reveals new password sharing rules and exemptions


This year, Netflix intends to limit password sharing inside households and reduce account sharing. The platform will charge consumers more to utilise the streaming service outside the home for an extended length of time.

The corporation has revealed intentions to limit the experience to a single family and has tested with increased membership fees in Chile, Costa Rica, and Peru.

According to sources, the streaming service provider requests that consumers define a primary location via their television. “A primary location is defined by a TV that is logged into your account and linked to your Wi-Fi network. “All additional devices logged into your account on that Wi-Fi network will be associated with your primary location and will be able to utilize Netflix,” according to the firm.

“Connect to Wi-Fi at your primary location, open the Netflix app or website, and view anything at least once every 31 days to verify that your devices are connected with your primary location,” it said.

When a user does not specify a primary location or does not have a TV, the platform will assign one based on IP address, device IDs, and activity.

Users who attempt to sign into an account from another location will be prompted to create their own account and will be denied access until they do so.

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