Paytm donates 21K O2-concentrators amid covid crisis, to setup oxygen plants in Hospitals

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Paytm, the Indian payment service giant has announced that Paytm Foundation is going to be setting up oxygen plants in 12-13 cities as hospitals across pan-India face oxygen shortage amid the disruptive second Covid-19 wave. All the oxygen plants will be directly installed at hospitals, which would assist with the oxygen needs for all the patients in the hospital.

Paytm Foundation has also provided more than twenty-one thousand oxygen concentrators that would be sent to government hospitals, COVID care facilities, private hospitals, nursing homes and also Resident Welfare Associations in the 3rd week of May.

Oxygen plants are devices that supply the production of medical oxygen from ambient air while at the same time supplying the gas to multiple beds. By now the company has raised ₹10 crore from people across India under its #OxygenForIndia campaign and has doubled the donation amount making it a total contribution of ₹20 Crore.

Paytm is working in conjunction with other prominent organisations including Elevation Capital and the American Indian Foundation. The donation garnered under the campaign is going to be used to buy Oxygen Concentrators and oxygen plants, costing between 50 lakh to 1 Crore each.

Paytm is presently between dialogues with the State Governments and hospitals for affirmation and approval to put up these oxygen plants; once purchased, the oxygen plants are going to be supplied free of cost to Government hospitals by Paytm Foundation.

A Paytm representative, speaking about the initiative, said, “Before economic growth, we have to spare a thought about the sustainability of our human forces, the people. While Oxygen Concentrators are good for short term support, we figured out that oxygen plants could help our healthcare system with larger support. Therefore, we decided to direct our donations to build oxygen plants at government hospitals for free. We are overwhelmed at the collective effort and support citizens of the country have shown to help pacify the ordeal caused by the pandemic’s 2nd wave. We are very hopeful that with the correct resources and empathy for our fellow countrymen, we are not going to just survive this crisis but also come out stronger.”

With determination to save as many people as possible, the Paytm Foundation is also supporting other start-ups, organisations and enterprises to source OCs from the international market. This is going to help to minimize the timeline for logistical requirements while ensuring that hospitals & other COVID care centres receive the much needed OCs sooner. The entire sourcing, regulatory approvals, and delivery are going to be managed by the foundation, whereas the other organizations only need to pay for the cost of the OCs that they will order.

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