PM Modi to inaugurate India Drone Festival 2022 scheduled on May 27-28

Narendra Modi

The India Drone Festival-2022 will take place at Pragati Maidan in Delhi on May 27 and 28. This will be the world’s largest drone festival. It will be inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. On the first day alone, over 1600 delegates will attend. In an interview, Amber Dubey, Joint Secretary, Aviation Ministry, revealed this information.

PM Modi will also operate a drone during the event, according to the Joint Secretary. The unique aspect is that Narendra Modi will be the world’s first Prime Minister to operate a professional drone during a public function. Aside from startups, enterprises, industries, and state governments, the drone festival will feature numerous central government ministers, according to Dubey.

PM Modi will also unveil the drone taxi prototype, according to the Aviation Minister. e-Plane, an IIT Madras business, has made it. This is currently a work in progress. By 2025, it should be certified. A trial with the army will be conducted initially. By 2028-29, a drone taxi could be flying in the Indian sky.

Drone makers and farmers will also be interviewed by the Prime Minister. He will also connect with new sorts of drone makers and operators, such as those in agriculture, fertilizer spraying, military, security, border, monitoring, weather, and afforestation.

Additionally, Drone PLI has received a lot of attention. More than 50 companies have expressed interest in the 12-month results in the second window. These businesses have experienced a 250 percent increase in turnover. This time, more than 20 businesses are eligible.

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