Social Enterprise VisionSpring pledges $1.5 Mn for Oxygen Concentrators amid India’s Covid fight

Oxygen Cylinders

A Social Enterprise, VisionSpring secured $1.5 million in emergency response commitments for India’s COVID-19 crisis. It’ll deliver required supplies such as 1,000 oxygen concentrators and other care and safety supplies to frontline health healthcare workers.

The enterprise provides free eyeglasses to individuals living below $4 per day and took to aiding folks during the pandemic. As a part of its pandemic response, they have supplied more than 2.8 million units of PPE and other COVID-19 supplies to 161 partners in India, Bangladesh, and 5 countries in Sub-Saharan Africa last year.

Ella Gudwin, CEO of VisionSpring, said, “Our emergency preparation builds on a year of COVID-19 mitigation activities in low-income communities. The versatile support of our investors and fantastic collaboration with partners has helped us to quickly adapt.”

“We are meeting the urgent requirement for COVID-19 treatment capacity currently, and are also working on the long-term public health objectives of prevention and increasing vaccination coverage.” she further added.

The enterprise’s COVID-19 response is functioning to satisfy the essential and pressing requirements in low-income communities and within its network of two hundred health and eye care partners throughout India.

They have delivered 1,000 sponsored oxygen concentrators and distributed 1.4 million units of PPE distributed across India since the beginning of the COVID-19. The second pillar is the authorisation of 50,000 cotton masks from SEWA Bharat, currently more than 500,000 since the start of the pandemic.

Including all that, they have set up forty specially-designed handwashing stations that were delivered in the last few weeks, whereas two hundred more are being manufactured in Delhi.

The fourth pillar is concentrated on vaccination, where they are going to integrate vaccine registration and hesitancy guidance into its thousands of COVID-19 safe vision outreach programmes once they restart in the future.

Atul Satija, Founder and CEO of crowdfunding platform GiveIndia, said, “India’s deadly second wave of COVID-19 has shown immense shortages in the healthcare system, highlighting the gap between demand and supply of medical tools. To help bridge this, we are thankful to partner with VisionSpring to provide 500+ oxygen concentrators to numerous healthcare facilities as a part of our emergency response to Covid relief requirements on the ground.”

VisionSpring’s response has been supported by partners such as Warby Parker, National Vision Inc, The Canary Charitable Foundation, McNulty Foundation, ClearVision, Safeway Concessions (Siddhantham Tollway Private Limited), Touch of Color Foundation, SEWA Bharat, World Zoroastrian Organization US Region, Zarin Neville Foundation, International Medical Corps, and Anheuser Busch InBev.

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