StepSetGo: The startup that pays for you to get fit and Redefining the Fitness Journey with the help of AI

Stepsetgo Fitness App

In the fitness industry, the importance of AI is enormous. The most significant value is that it avoids human errors due to its efficiency. It is astonishing how just a small set of sensors on our mobile devices can help us compute data and accurately help us change our lives in meaningful ways. 

Today, gyms are not the only pioneers of the fitness industry. We have come a long way in harnessing the data from various sensors available in mobile devices while adding a robust layer of AI to enhance users’ performances and predict accurate outcomes. 

The easy way to track fitness is through a smartwatch, but our app makes it even easier, as you just need to download the app, put your phone in your pocket and start your desired fitness activity!

Smart tech helps you in tracking data such as calorie count, steps, and heart rate, amongst various other things. Knowing the kind of analysis one receives post-workout, it becomes easier for an individual to know how they can enhance their physical output to achieve the desired results. 

Progress inadvertently drives motivation. When you see how far you have come with the help of the analysis that is provided to you through smart tech, you tend to go that extra mile. StepSetGo doesn’t just push you to be better through its smart analysis, but also adds a punch of motivation through rewards.

StepSetGo is the brainchild of Abhay Pai, Shivjeet Ghatge, and Misaal Turakhia. It stemmed from a bizarre thought of being paid for getting fitter instead of us paying exorbitant gym membership prices – now that would motivate us! As intriguing as it sounds, this is the idea behind the app, which will not just track your workout, but also motivate you for the same by rewarding you.

SSG makes you form a habit with a very nuanced journey-based approach. When you join SSG you will get 30 days to complete various tasks to get in the groove and create a routine. When you get accustomed to the “fitness levels” in the app, it automatically helps you in staying true to your fitness goals.

Commenting on the SSG Progress, Abhay Pai, Co Founder and Chief Technology Officer of StepSetGo, said,

In the past few years, I have noticed a shift in people’s mindset about health and fitness. People started paying more attention to their diet and workouts but sometimes would lose motivation along the way. We have added a plethora of motivating hooks like rewards, challenges, streaks and much more, that would surely keep people moving forward towards their goals. We want to inspire people to be “better than yesterday” as we become their motivating companion in their fitness journey. 

We are working towards making StepSetGo a one-stop hub for everything health and fitness related. We already offer health insurance, fitness gear, healthy supplements (through our in-app bazaar) and a lot more on top of our walking/running/cycling feature. And with other exciting features on the way, StepSetGo will have everything a beginner or enthusiast would need to lead a fit and healthy life!

The “Challenges” section of our app is where users really get to express themselves and push all their limits. We curate more than 60 fitness challenges every month for our users to join and accomplish. These challenges are personalised according to your fitness level, keeping your capacity in mind. The majority of these challenges are also themed – for eg. Walk 5000 steps with your mother on “Mother’s Day”. The most enticing aspect of these challenges are the rewards. Users finish these challenges not just to stay fit but also to win deals and products from top brands.

SSG is already successful in creating micro-communities wherein users compete with their friends and family to stay fit. With that, we also work on campaigns that aim to create a fitter community. We recently had the “Azad India, Fit India” Challenge to celebrate Independence Day, while also promoting fitness. We urged everyone to invite their friends and family to celebrate 75 years of India’s independence by walking 7500 steps. The idea behind the campaign was to motivate everyone to start their fitness journey and get “freedom” from a sedentary lifestyle.

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