SupplyChain SaaS Startup Unicommerce ends FY22 with a profit of INR 5.98 Cr

Unicommerce e-Solutions is India’s largest e-commerce-focused supply chain SaaS technology platform. The company was founded by 3 alumni of IIT-Delhi in 2012.

They provide e-commerce enablement software for multichannel selling, inventory management, warehouse management, and Omni channel solutions for more than 20000 customers across the globe. The company’s vision is to simplify e-commerce selling for online sellers, retailers, and brands across the globe.  

According to the financial statements of the company, the revenue for FY22 was INR 59 crores.

According to the cost sheet, the company has spent nearly INR 42.4 crores on its employee benefit expenses, which also includes a cost of ESOP of INR 2.12 crores. The IT & Communication expenses were INR 4.3 crores by the end of FY22. 

At the same time, the company spent INR 2.6 crores and INR 50 Lakhs on promotional and legal expenses respectively. At the end of the year, the total expenditure of the company was INR 54.5 crores.

The company finished its business operations for FY22 with an overall profit of INR 5.98 crores even with a rise in the total expenditure.

As per the financial analysis, the financial ratios turned out as follows: EBITDA margin and ROCE stood at 12% and 15.99% respectively. And, the company has spent INR 0.92 to generate a revenue of INR 1 during the year.

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