Tech Companies approaching for Legal Support to assess the impact of upcoming Digital India Act

Data Protection

On August 3, the Indian government withdrew the Privacy Act 2022 after years of working on it. It has been announced that the government will come up with a new Digital India Act, which will include a data governance policy framework, cyber security policies and guidelines and a new data protection law.

The Digital India Act (DIA) is said to be introduced during the winter session of Parliament as an upgrade to the Information Technology Act, 2000. Hence, top tech companies are closely watching the new bill and have brought in legal and technology experts to ascertain the potential impact on their operations as a result of the DIA.

According to an ET report, these companies want experts to analyze the upcoming regulations, avoid potential conflict and prepare them for the regulation to come into effect.

According to reports, the DIA will cover the entire digital ecosystem from social media platforms to the Metaverse and Web2, Web3 crimes or offences. It will also affect major tech companies such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon and Facebook, experts told ET, citing IP (intellectual property), traffic and revenue as areas of concern.

Similar to the data protection clauses in the Data Protection Act, the DIA is said to seek to regulate OTT platforms, internet intermediaries, crypto-assets and blockchain companies, among others. It will cover areas such as cyber security, cyber incidents, intermediary management and social media. regulation in addition to content moderation and so on. With this, it will work in line with industry laws as it expects regulators to approach the digital era in consultation with stakeholders.

It aims to develop self-regulatory methods for companies while providing users with guidelines for internet safety.

The upcoming Digital India Bill will be introduced during the winter session of Parliament as an upgrade to the IT Act, 2000.

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