Telangana’s Startup Incubator T-Hub onboards Nine Service Providers to assist startups


With the country grappling with the second wave of the pandemic, businesses have been hit hard as well. With many bringing their shutters down, the scenario in the post COVID world shall have stark differences. Amidst such times, Telangana based innovation intermediary and business incubator, T-Hub recently announced that it would be working with nine companies to support their startups in accelerating their growth that has been hampered due to the pandemic.

The companies that have come together in this endeavour include- Cashfree, Cassixcom, CFO Bridge, Conduira, Fireflies, Handysends, Lunchclub, Sapience and The Legal Capsule among the existing ones like Google Cloud, Amazon Web services, and Digital Ocean to name a few. The collaboration aims at helping the startups with the difficulties posed by the pandemic and assists them in the arenas like digital, marketing, services etc.

As per the release made by T- Hub, the alliance benefits the service providers as well by giving them a platform to showcase their offerings. Commenting on the partnership, CEO Ravi Narayan said that the new partnership is an “effort to support our start-ups who are facing immense operational challenges because of the pandemic.”

The partners plan to offer their help to the startups by providing them with a host of aids like free credits, automation and execution support along with managerial support. Once the free credit is exhausted, the startups shall be able to reap the benefits at affordable prices.

Raju Datta, Co-founder of Cashfree said, “We at Cashfree are committed to supporting and building a better ecosystem for Indian start-ups. Our partnership with T-Hub is a step in the same direction and we hope this will help the startups accelerate their growth. As a community, Indian entrepreneurs have held together and turbocharged their way through the pandemic, and we are sure we will successfully navigate the post-pandemic world as well.”

British Nair, India Lead, Lunchclub said, “The results of connections made through Lunchclub are truly inspiring: from co-founding companies to raising funds or just advancing careers. We are on a mission to make networking easy, meaningful, and fun via AI-powered 1:1 video meetings. We are excited to be working closely with T-Hub to bring our market-leading product to help businesses of all sizes to make meaningful connections.”

T-Hub is a partnership between the Government of Telangana, three academic institutes in Hyderabad that include the International Institute of Information Technology, the Indian School of Business and the National Academy of Legal Studies and Research and the private sector that aims at providing startups around the world convenience and opportunities to thrive by supporting them with access to technology, mentors, investors, to name a few.


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