Truecaller launched a COVID-19 Healthcare Directory for users in India, which claimed to be a quick and easier way to find hospitals during emergencies. The directory could be accessed by users through the beta version of the app on Android running devices or from the menu with limited usability & associations.

As of now, the feature is only available on select Android versions and is in beta testing. Soon the feature will be updated to all android running devices.

The feature enables people of India to find medical care near them, as easy as possible. “It can be hard to find the right healthcare numbers when you need it most, so we’ve added it to the app”, the blog read.

The directory contains telephone numbers and addresses of Covid Hospitals from various areas in a given region or city across the country. This information is being sourced from official government databases.

Here’s how the directory looks in your app. It appears in the top left corner of your dialer. You’ll be able to see hospitals and healthcare providers by each area. 

The features in the application appear on the top left corner of the dialer, denoted by a search icon/button. The button helps you quickly find the hospital contacts in emergencies. However, with relevance to the current situation, it doesn’t provide any information on beds available with hospitals. Users will only be able to see hospitals and healthcare providers in each area. Truecaller is updating the databases relating to the feature daily. The caller-ID app wishes to serve this feature with as many hospital phone numbers from as many areas in India are available.

Earlier in March 2021, Truecaller partnered with the states and local government bodies in India to provide a similar directory within the Truecaller app. It has started to work with regional governing bodies and government departments of Karnataka. It will develop a directory that lists contacts of each government department and service in the app. The directory is set to serve as a one-stop destination for citizens to access government contacts. 

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