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Facebook-owned WhatsApp faced its biggest backlash in February 2021 when the app asked its users to accept the new privacy policy. According to the policy, the platform is liable to share any user information with its partners and parent company, Facebook.

This prompt from WhatsApp trigged netizens across the world and as a result, Rivals of WhatsApp, Signal and Telegram has found tremendous growth. Highlighting WhatsApp’s privacy policy over its European users, A petition was filed in the supreme court of India by Internet Freedom Foundation and lawyer Karmanya Singh Sareen. Eventually, WhatsApp revised its Privacy Policy Updates by extending the deadline to a new date, May 15, 2021.

As the revised date is round the corner, the voices against have slowly started to raise. The Indian government informed the High Court of Delhi that the proposed policy violates various laws as it fails to specify the nature of user data being collected and told to be shared, through the 14 question questionnaire. WhatsApp and its parent Facebook Inc., however, denied the ‘allegation’.

Here’s a statement WhatsApp spokesperson has given to Bloomberg Quint, and this statement makes everyone believe that WhatsApp will not be deleting any accounts and nor that one will be losing the features in the app on or after May 15th. But in new user, it’ll be like, everything’s fine. In short, it summarizes to say that, not accepting the privacy policy won’t create any issues.

There is a twist

WhatsApp’s FAQ page says a completely different story. It makes it pretty clear that WhatsApp has this whole plan set up to force users to accept this new privacy policy. And that’s kind of where the evil lies.

Source: WhatsApp FAQ Page

So, if you don’t accept the privacy policy by May 15th, WhatsApp will gradually start to remind you to accept the policy. And if you still don’t accept it, you will get an annoying & persistent reminder to accept it. In addition, WhatsApp will start to limit the functionality of your account.

What can happen?

You’ll be able to converse through audio and video calls. But, the devil appears when you wish to access your chat, media or any kind of historic data on WhatsApp. Because You cannot! You could only be able to respond to messages from the notification centre on the top and by no other means. These limitations might also apply to WhatsApp Web or Desktop Application and further could extend to audio and video calls.

Source: WhatsApp FAQ Page

Now that, your WhatsApp doesn’t receive any messages, notifications or calls either by individuals or from groups and restricts you to access historic data, chats and so on. What is WhatsApp even doing on your device? It will become a useless app on your phone, having a candlelight dinner with your phone memory!

Thus, WhatsApp plans to gradually push you out of its app until, and unless you accept its new privacy policy.

Can you change your decision against WhatsApp? 

No. As of now, there’s no option or process to disagree with WhatsApp’s new privacy policy given that, you have already accepted it or going to do so.

What can we do?

Accept the policy and keep using WhatsApp or Switch to a secure messaging platform – Signal or Telegram. The second option seems tough and it takes time. But, this is the time. Because it’s Facebook, and the privacy issues can only get worse.

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