WhatsApp is very shortly going to let the customers use the popular instant messaging app at the same time on many devices. Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg announced that in the recent post. As per the many top executives working in the company, the instant messaging app, used by more than 2 billion users, is also planning to add more options to its disappearing messages feature.

Zuckerberg confirmed to news outlet WaBetaInfo that multi-device support is going to be coming soon on the instant messaging service application. WhatsApp head Will Cathcart said users are going to be able to connect up to 4 devices to 1 account. The messaging corporation is also working to present a dedicated WhatsApp app for the iPad.

While talking about the matter Zuckerberg said, “It has been a huge technical challenge to get all the customer’s messages and content to sync properly across devices even when the phone battery dies. However we have solved this and we’re looking forward to getting it out at the earliest.”

“We are also about to start rolling out ‘view once’ feature, so you can send message and make it disappear after the receiver sees it.” he further added.

The instant messaging service, that just last year introduced the ability to set a 7day timer on messages as a disappearing mode feature, is now planning to expand this feature so the users can share pictures and videos that can only be viewed once.

WhatsApp users are also going to get a choice to enforce disappearing mode across the app for all new chats.

Zuckerberg and Cathcart later talked to many news outlets about the upcoming features. They said that their team is working on the beta version and it will be available to the public in probably the next few months.

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