Why Creative Nuances are important for a brand in today’s time?


The digital world is moving at a lightning pace, and so are the consumers. Today’s modern consumer has abundant information available at the tip of their fingers and wants to make a conscious, and informed purchasing decision every time they buy something.

In these times it becomes increasingly important for brands to put across their brand’s message, product information and their key differentiators in the most innovative and unique manner. It’s also extremely essential for brands to stand out from their competition while making sure they capture their audience’s attention in the most uncommon fashion.

While words are important, they only help grab the attention of an online first consumer to a certain extent. Usually, it’s the visuals that entice a consumer to land on a brand’s page or get directed to a product information page where the written content gets absorbed more. But to get a consumer to land on the product information page, it’s the visuals that play an extremely crucial role.

So, this is where we believe creativity in forms of visual communication becomes inevitable to capture the audience’s attention. The creative touch to a brand starts from brand ideation itself in the forms of brand identity, packaging design, brand language which later transition into brand communication and strategy. The creative input in terms of the voice the brand takes to communicate with their consumers not only in written form but also in visual form will set the tone for how the brand is perceived in years to come.

With the help of the right creative team, a brand is able to narrate a story about their products, their USPs, what sets them apart and why consumers should try their products over others. In terms of visual creatives, the story is communicated through static images, dynamic GIFs and video content in various formats used over platforms like Instagram, Facebook, marketplaces like Amazon, Flipkart, and the brand’s own e-commerce websites. These creative visuals will then take shape as the first interaction a brand will have with their target audience and help brands direct a viewer to their landing page by directing traffic and helping make purchases.

More so ever now than before, brands need to upload a lot more content than before to remain relevant with time. To become a brand that sets industry standards rather than one to follow others, brands need to have that creative edge led by a talented, creative team to break the norms and create content that drives organic traffic to their pages.

While at it, brands need to make sure the content doesn’t get too monotonous and stagnant, which is where creative teams play an extremely critical role in constantly coming up with creative ideas, churn out relevant yet avant-garde concepts which helps brands create a niche in the sector they operate in.

So, I strongly believe in the power of creative nuances as they essentially create a visual tone for the brand not only in terms of the identity but also their communication which essentially sets them apart from their peers, helps to educate their target audience, attracts them to discover more about their products/services, and most importantly helps to drive the top line of any company.

About the Author(Gayatri Jhaveri Patel, Co-Founder of The G-Story)

Gayatri Jhaveri Patel is the Co-Founder of The G Story, a Mumbai-based creative and technology-based, full-service digital agency that provides end-to-end solutions, specialising in product photography, inventory of props, and product styling.

Gayatri has pursued a Bachelor’s of Marketing from the University of California, Berkeley in the year 2013. She has also done a Diploma in Design and Visual Communications from B.D. Somani Institute of Art & Fashion Technology. Prior to starting the agency, Gayatri worked as a Creative Designer in many of the top global companies across the world. She worked for companies such as FITCH Grey Group, FoxyMoron, and so on. Driven by her passion for designing, she left working for these firms and her six-figure salary as well just to come up with her own agency.

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