In these disrupted working environments, Multi-tasking has become the new norm of making things near the shore. The term was coined in the 1960s and found to be predominant in workplaces. However, it was proven to have a negative influence at work, especially for entrepreneurs despite their desks being always notchy.

Multitasking is one of the myths surrounding productivity. It creates an illusion of productivity, rather than productivity itself. Many of us assume that we are multitasking at work, but No. We are switching the tasks indeed. We are shifting our focus from one perspective to the other within seconds only to make it more complex to perceive.

How bad is multitasking?

Our brains cannot handle several tasks at once. They are not architectured to do so. Multitasking demands our attention to spread across various things at the desk. Our multitasking habits depicts how technology made our productivity its prey. 

We tend to listen to music while at work, we get continuous notifications & e-mails which bundles our to-do lists and a lot of distraction. It is easy to get impaired with the primary task. Thus, no matter what you’re doing, multitasking will hurt your efficiency to some degree.

Ultimately, our brain shifts to a mood of multitasking and we keep saying YES to everything seeking us. As we shift from one task to other, it takes time to change gears, and the longer you do it, the harder an easy task becomes. That also drains your energy and thus, a little to no physical activity could make you feel exhausted by the end of a day.

For entrepreneurs, it gets to a new level altogether. Business is not a simple process but a collection of individual processes that demand intelligence. Entrepreneurs tend to have more weight on their shoulders for reasons we all know. Multitasking could only ask a little more from them to reach shore every time. 

It only makes the overall quality of the work you do, and the decisions you make worse. 

How to work efficiently?

It’s hard, yet simple. The very first step of being more efficient is to understand your priorities precisely. Create a list of tasks to be completed and bundle them accordingly. 

Limit distractions from your smartphone and emails. Want to attend them? Follow the priority rule rather than hopping on directly.

Get enough sleep, Learn to say No, Keep your desk(or desktop) clean and related to the current task, and most importantly, don’t crave entertainment at work.

To help your teams with this problem, provide more breaks during the work. Breaks disconnect them from the world of work for a while and ease their pressure.

Bottom Line

Multitasking is not completely bad and is bound to happen but not to be punished. Just that, it is not everyone’s cup of tea. It could take time and might feel hard to focus on only one task rather than adding a few more, but you will end with lesser mistakes, and the yield could be more and quality assured. So, how good are you at multitasking?

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