Zerodha posts a strong FY22; Clocks INR 4964 Cr revenue with a profit of INR 2094 Cr

Nithin Kamath

Zerodha, a financial services technology company was founded in 2010 by Nithin Kamath and Nikhil Kamath in Bengaluru. The company is one of the most successful bootstrapped start-ups in India. As of now, they have over 1000 employees. 

As per the consolidated and audited financial statements of the company, the revenue from operations of the company at the end of FY22 was INR 4964 crores. 

According to the income statement of the company, the sources of revenue from operations like brokerage fees, premium tech products, user onboarding collections, and exchange transaction charges accounted for INR 4129 crores.

And the non-operating revenue from interest was around INR 614.5 crores like dividend income and net gain on fair value.

As per the cost sheet, the payments made to the security exchanges on behalf of the client base accounted for INR 1342 crores during FY22. They have spent INR 459 crores on employee benefits, which includes ESOPs worth INR 77.5 crores. And, the IT expenses turned out to be a cost of INR 303 crores taking the total expenditure to a whopping sum of INR 2164 crores.

With the rise in scale and operations, the company’s profits also saw growth and finished the FY with a total profit of INR 2094 crores. And, the total reserves of the company ended as INR 3657 crores by the end of FY22.

As per the financial analysis, the ratios of the company are as follows EBITDA margin was 231, and BPS at 56.78%. Also, it has been observed that the company spent INR 0.44 to generate INR 1 as its revenue.

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