BUDGET 2023: Post Budget 2023 views by Mr. Anirudh A Damani, Managing Partner, Artha Venture Fund


The FM has laid out a firm budget for fostering innovation and entrepreneurship. From Agri to healthcare to FinTech, a string of announcements like National AI centers, national digital libraries, and the AgriTech accelerator fund. All the announcements aim to foster entrepreneurship at the college level and rural areas. The long-term impact of these programs also deals with improving the quality of talent and founders aspiring to launch their business ideas.

Seeing the government’s overall focus on green growth, 5G, and AI is a positive message for the investor community especially backing startups in industry 4.0 sectors like AI, IoT, drones, EdTech, medical tech et al. As the early-stage ecosystem continues to demonstrate higher growth and attract funding, it further solidifies our belief to back innovative startups working on addressing issues like improving medical infrastructure and overall digital payments integration by leveraging next-gen tech.

Views on Agriculture Accelerator Fund

Learning about the government’s intent to set up an Agriculture Accelerator Fund is exciting. I look forward to further details on how the fund would be operated.

Such a fund can provide a supportive environment that can help AgriTech startups grow faster by providing them with resources, exposure, and opportunities to succeed. Through this effort, the government can give these startups more support ranging from seed funding and mentorship programs to infrastructure subsidies and appropriate market access.

This entire exercise will bolster this government’s pre-existing efforts to promote the entrepreneurial spirit in rural areas. From an Artha perspective, we are light on AgriTech, and this initiative will boost our overall sentiment to back more AgriTech startups from our funds.

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