CarDekho clocks a Revenue of INR 1646 Crores; Car sales account for 49% of revenue


CarDekho, founded in 2008 by Amit Jain and Anurag Jain, is a prominent car search venture that helps users find fitting new and old car variants and buy them without any hassles.

As per the audited financial statements of the company, the gross revenue from operations was INR 1597 crores during FY22.

Apart from the sale and purchase of used cars, CarDekho has many revenue sources. But the proceeds from the sale of cars are its primary source of revenue. They made around INR 799 crores from this sale and purchase of cars.

Marketing services for BikeDekho, PriceDekho, OTO, and all are a source of revenue for CarDekho. The promotional activities for all these companies generated a revenue of INR 505 crores in FY22.

They provide lead generation and transaction facilitation services to car dealers. They receive commissions for these services. This commission accounts for INR 217 crores of their total revenue. They also earned a brokerage of INR 48 crores from insurance companies.

They have earned INR 28 crores from service fees, software development, consulting, call center, and other services.

Apart from the operating revenue, the company also earned INR 48.83 crores from interest on investments and a few other sources of non-operating income, which took the total revenue to INR 1646 crores during FY22.

As per the cost sheet, the cost of acquiring vehicles amounted to INR 816.8 crores in FY22, which is the largest cost center for the company. They also spent INR 573 crores on employee benefits during the same period, this also includes a cost of INR 76.74 crores of ESOP.

The cost of customer acquisition was around INR 408 crores and the outsourced manpower cost was INR 156.8 crores during FY22. They have also spent INR 24.4 crores on servers and INR 27.6 crores in their legal charges. All these expenses took the total expenditure to INR 2170 crores.

As per the financial analysis, it has been observed that the company has spent INR 1.36 to generate a revenue of INR 1.

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