Twitter Removes 54K Accounts in India during September 2022; records an 85% drop in monthly complaints


In India, Twitter received 157 complaints between August 26 and September 25 about things like harassment and offensive behaviour.

The number of complaints has decreased by 85% month on month (MoM). Twitter also took action against 134 URLs simultaneously, the majority of which had to do with intellectual property violations.

This is also the month with the fewest grievances ever recorded in India. Between August 26 and September 25, the microblogging website suspended nearly 54,000 accounts in India because they had broken the platform’s rules.

For reasons including non-consensual nudity, child sexual exploitation, and other content, Twitter suspended 52,141 accounts. According to Twitter’s India Transparency Report, 1,982 additional charges were deleted for supporting terrorism.

Every month, the social media platform acquired by billionaire tycoon Elon Musk—releases statistics on the actions taken in response to reported posts.

Musk had recently declared that the social media business would establish a “content moderation council,” and that any significant content determinations or account reinstatements would have a place once such a body had been convened.

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